What people are saying about Pax / Run-Flat Tire Systems
“This [Pax] whole thing has to be at the top of the list of the worst technology debacles in automotive history.” – Edmunds.com
Even with the tougher rubber to allow for a short distince after being punctured, run-flat tires do wear out quicker than regular tires. Many owners all over the web (AutoGuide Forum Network, OdyClub.com, OdysseyOwnerClub.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com) have complained that they were replacing their OEM run-flat tires within 20,000 miles for an exorbitant per tire price. This has prompted lawsuits against the tire and car manufacturers from owners of Acura’s RL, and Honda Odysseys claiming unreasonable tire life and unexpectedly high replacement costs. Honda has stopped offering the tires on its vehicles after settling a class action lawsuit in 2011.
Don’t pay $1400.00 for a set of replacement Michelin PAX tires! By dePaxing your run-flat tire system, not only will you get AT LEAST 50% more tread life, but you’ll experience better handling, braking, and ride quality.
All conversions include:
  • Genuine Honda rims
  • Your choice of tires, mounted and balanced
  • Full Spare Tire Kit (with hold down, bag and labeling)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
  • Valve Stem Assemblies
  • 2005/06 kits include the required acorn-style lugnuts

All Run-Flat Tire Conversion (Depax) Kits are Installed Locally

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What people are saying about Pax / Run-Flat Tire Systems
One other thing to be aware of on the PAX tires & they do not have a pro-rated tread wear warranty like most Michelin tires, they cost a lot more (I was told $350/tire), and they wear FAST! – Edmunds.com
We purchased a 2007 Touring and after only 22000 miles had to replace 2 tires and come to find out the Pax tires can only be replaced where they have the expensive equipment to do it. – Topix.com
MSN: The Air Runs Out of Run-Flat Tires Michelin’s run-flat tires have failed to catch on due to their high cost and impact on fuel economy.
NYT: Michelin Giving Up on PAX Run-Flat Tire