Odyssey Sliding Door motor problems As awesome as Hondas are, there are a few problems that are very common. One of them is the very convenient, yet very finicky, sliding doors. Does this sound familiar?
  • The door seems to be dragging.
  • It’s not closing all the way.
  • The door stops and then reverses.
  • I can’t open it!
Honda Odyssey Sliding Door PartsBecause the design is so specific to the model, it takes someone who is very familiar with them to properly diagnose and do what it takes to fix them right. At Advanced Auto, we do this every day and at a fraction of what the dealer charges for the same service. No one knows this problem as well as we do. You don’t have to struggle with this annoying problem. Let us look at it and we’ll explain to you what needs to be done to get those doors working properly again.


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